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      NLC News
      •  The NLC provides services for NPC & CPPCC Annual Sessio...
      •  Xiong Yuanming, Director of the NLC, meets with Uruguay...
      •  The NLC Staff Conference, 2022 is held
      •  Chen Ying, Deputy Director of the NLC, attends the onli...
      •  The NLC signs a strategic cooperation agreement with th...
      •  The First Online Training Course for the Silk Road Inte...
      •  Chen Ying, Deputy Director of the NLC, attends the onli...
      •  Xiong Yuanming, Director of the NLC, holds a video conf...
      •  The press conference on the construction achievements o...
      •  Li Qun, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Culture and To...
      •  Xiong Yuanming, the NLC Director, attends the video con...
      •  The ceremony of Cangzhou City donating Zhang Zhidong's ...
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      •  Memory in the New Year Pictures
        The exhibition displays 120 items from NLC New Year pictures c...
      •  The Exhibition on Chinese Rubbings of Stone Relief of Han Dynasty
        The stone relief of Han Dynasty is the decorative stone carvin...
      •  On Tianjin's History and Culture
        Speaker: Luo Shuwei
      Category: Chinese history
      •  China and Australia
        Speaker: Han Feng
      Category: politics, law
      •  United Nations and China
        Speaker: Chen Jian
      Category: politics, law

      The Map of Lu
      It is the rubbing in Song Dynasty, and it is the earliest known city flat map of carved stone.

      Witness to a Prosecution
      This is the first systematic forensic medicine work in the world, which is written by Song Ci in Song Dynasty. The version of this one is from "Ge Zhi Series of Books" edited by Hu Wenhuan in Ming Dynasty.
      Memory in the New Year Pictures
      The exhibition displays 120 items from NLC New Year pictures collection and 110 items of New Year Pictures Project representative inheritors' works....

      The Exhibition on Dunhuang Historical Photographs in the ...
      The Library Cave of Dunhuang Mo Kao Grottoes, which was discovered in 112 ago, opened the treasure house of literature in the medieval period of China....
        IFLA Chinese Language Centre   IFLA-PAC China Center  
      Established in 2009, IFLA Chinese Language Centre can now be seen as a permanent representative of IFLA/HQ for the Chinese speaking community, as well as the other way around: it is hoped that IFLA/HQ will get improved access to Chinese speaking library and information professionals.
      IFLA Documents
      Centre Newsletter
      About IFLA
      IFLA-PAC China Center is established in 2004. Its main tasks are as follows: raise awareness of preservation issues; build preservation network; translate the professional documents delivered by the IFLA-PAC; attend the IFLA-PAC annual meeting; hold the international seminar in the preservation and conservation field if the condition permits; encourage the development of national and international standards.
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